Dave Lakhani is a serial entrepreneur from Boise, Idaho. His start down an entrepreneurial path was very different than most. Lakhani was raised in a cult, which he left when he was 16 years old. Since going out on his own, Dave has passionately studied persuasion, influence, characteristics of decision making and the psychology of belief, all in order to understand the psychological and emotional roots of cults and organizations. Dave Lakhani has been described as a "Marketing Genius","Business Acceleration Strategist" and "Multipreneur" by his peers and the media. He has been responsible for developing dynamic strategies driving record breaking growth and increases in sales in more than 500 businesses in the past 10 years. Dave is a public speaker, author and trainer, whose ideas have been applied by some of the biggest companies in the United States including IBM, US Army, Rogers Media, Micron, GE, and Wizard Academy. Dave has owned more than 10 successful businesses in the past 20 years and has deeply studied the marketing and sales leaders of our time including Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Roy Williams, Dr. Nick Grant, Zig Ziglar. Dave is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Through his company, Bold Approach, Inc. [1] Dave's strategies have been applied by such companies and organizations as IBM, the US Army, Rogers Media, Micron, GE, Wizard Academy, and more. Today, Dave is a very sought-after public speaker and author. His best-selling books include “Persuasion - The Art of Getting What You Want” and “The Power of an Hour - Business and Life Mastery.” An avid reader himself, Dave Lakhani has a library of 7,500 books in his home and he reads 15 to 20 books per month. The subjects of his reading are varied, but they include: psychology, human nature, critical thinking and business strategy books.

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