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S3E4: CariClub | Лантуун Дохио Подкаст [Монгол хэлээр]

A. Ariuntuya works at a start-up (CariClub) based in New York as a data analyst. CariClub is a digital marketplace platform that leverages machine learning technology to assist nonprofits and corporations in the financial sector. Learn more at www.cariclub.com Lantuun Dohio USA is the leading non-profit working to end child abuse and neglect in Mongolia and around the world. Our programs, like Magic Mongolia, are designed to help both the children who have already been affected by the abuse and aid in the prevention of future abuse. Through prevention programs, one-on-one counseling services, and advocacy, we offer protection, support, guidance, and assistance to build a community that provides a circle of safety and possibility for children. Learn more at www.lantuundohio.org OST: Anura Music Hosts: Nominsuren M., Enkh-Ochir B., Geser B.



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Lantuun Dohio USA